Are You Ready For A Real Estate Career?

Why do some people always seem to get ahead, while others barely scrape by?

It’s because the people who get ahead did one thing the others don’t do…They took action!

Have you dreamed about owning your own time? About being your own boss? About making as much money as you want? I bet you have.

You want to know how I know? It’s simple. You are on our website and you're taking the time to read this.

That right there tells me that you want some or all of these dreams by becoming a Real Estate Broker!

This is Art Bettuzzi. I’m the Lead Instructor with I Love Real Estate School. I, too, had all of those dreams and more when I was considering getting my license 28 years ago. But I had a lot of questions about how to get into real estate and more importantly, how to succeed!

You see, I had a brand new baby and while I was doing okay in my job, I didn’t make enough money to be able to raise her in the manner that I wanted to. And in that job, I didn’t have the opportunity to make more money. I was capped or at the most was eligible for a 3% raise each year. That wasn’t going to cut it.

Then the opportunity to get into real estate was presented. Even though my job didn’t pay me enough, it was at least a steady paycheck, I thought. I could count on it. Even my parents told me to stay in my job and not pursue my dreams! However, I quickly realized that If I kept doing the same thing, I’d get the same result.

It was time for a change! So, I enrolled in an Accelerated pre-license class and after passing the class and the State Exam, I became a Real Estate Agent! I learned how to be successful in selling real estate where my teams and I closed over 7,000 properties, in 10 states with over $1 Billion dollars in sales over my career!

During this time I also trained over 2,500 Real Estate Agents on how to help people buy, sell, lease, rent and invest in real estate. So, it was only natural for me to start teaching other people how to get their real estate license as an Instructor.

At I Love Real Estate School, we are here to help you achieve your big dream of getting your real estate license and starting a part-time or full time real estate career. There are plenty of opportunities with either path–it's up to you.

You may have some questions you wanted to ask us but were too busy over the last few weeks. We understand how busy everyday life gets with family, jobs, pets and of course, the holidays!

We also know the uncomfortable feeling of frustration you may have because you have already put your dream on hold due to all of your other commitments. We know six months or a year from now you are really going to wish you had started in January. You will wish you had taken the time for yourself to take the class and pass the state exam.

You know how we know? Because we hear it from our students every day. They tell us all the time that they wished they had gotten their license sooner.

We have helped so many students get started who only wanted to make an additional $2,500-$5,000 per month for their family and ended up making two or three times that consistently month after month. For many, that increase in income would not only make things a little easier, it can change your life!

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Our Signature Real Estate Mentorship Program will give you the step-by-step process, tools, training, and 1-on-1 coaching you need to get your 1st or next deal under contract within the next 60 days!

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