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Online Self-Paced
Online Self-Paced
Online Self-Paced
Online Self-Paced

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Online Self-Paced
Online Self-Paced
Online Self-Paced
Online Self-Paced

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Self-Paced Online Course

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What Our Students Say

We have more 5 Star Reviews than any other Real Estate School!

"If you are serious about starting your Real Estate career and are looking for an instructor who will successfully prepare you to pass the National and State exams on your FIRST attempt, look no further! Art Bettuzzi and the I Love Real Estate Team really have an amazing program. The lectures with Art are engaging, informative, and full of humor.

I highly recommend taking Art's class. After completing the accelerated course, I was able to successfully pass both exams on my first attempt. It was a pleasure having such an amazing instructor! :)"

Brittany Brown

"I Love Real Estate School is the best class you can take if you want your RE license! Art made the class very engaging and fun! The two weeks will fly by.

I passed my Exam the first time and it was all due to his teachings and procedure on what to do. I HIGHLY recommend this school."

Julian Vasquez

"Great school if you're looking to start your Real Estate career! I had professor Art and he was truly amazing. He gave great examples and did a great job at explaining the entire course.

If you are someone who enjoys more of real life scenarios than reading word to word from the book then stop your searching and sign up here!"

Jubelly Martinez

"I Love Real Estate school is the absolute best! I’ve taken courses at another school which I didn’t follow through with because of the company’s instructor. But I’m glad I found I Love Real Estate. They are very professional and knowledgeable.

My instructor Art, uses his voice in such a way, that it’s hard for you not to remember what he taught. He makes sure that you are thoroughly prepared to pass your exam. I would recommend him to anyone. Again, I’m glad I found the school and I would recommend them to anyone."

Erica Freeman

"I Love Real Estate School was phenomenal! Having my instructor plus the videos really helped me to grasp the material. I passed the state exam on my first try! I definitely recommend this school!"

Rachel McClinton

"I PASSED!!! I just have to start with “I PASSED!!!” on the first try. I am so, so happy I was referred to this school. My instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the class interesting and fun. This definitely helped with my retention level.

I especially was impressed with how well prepared I was for the state exam. My hat goes off to the “I Love Real Estate School” team. My experience overall was Bar none."

Robin Hayen

"Art is the best teacher I ever had in my life. He will definitely encourage you no matter how many times you need to take the test to pass and to keep pushing and striving to succeed.

The things that really separates the school from anywhere else is the fact of the matter that they actually care. Art is not in business just to make a dollar however he really genuine wants to see everyone succeed."

Tim Selwanes

"The accelerated class was fast paced and to the point. Expectations were high, as they should be for preparing for the State Exam. Art was a great teacher who cares about his students success, and that’s a hard quality to find within any industry."

Brittany Wilson

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